Annuals Add Constant Color


Annuals add almost constant color to your flower garden, container plantings and window boxes during the summer season. Their blast of color lasts until a hard frost comes, and their blooms add the finishing touches to patios, decks and yards.

For healthy plants that grow into thriving gardens, we are your go-to source. You will find all the shades you need to personalize your home. Each year, we look for new varieties to add to our stable of customer favorites.

Our Annuals

  • Geraniums in many shapes and sizes
  • 30 Varieties of Begonias
  • 75 Varieties of Annual Foliages
  • 15 Varieties of New Guinea Impatiens
  • Dahlias in many shapes and sizes
  • 30 Varieties of Coleus
  • 80 Varieties of Herbs
  • 50 Varieties of Succulents
  • 10 Varieties of Annual Vines
  • 90 Varieties of Annual Hanging Baskets
  • 35 Varieties of Peppers
  • 35 Varieties of Tomatoes
  • And More....


Geraniums as individuals or in combination with other plants are always a standout in any landscape. With relatively easy care they have been and always will be an irreplaceable focal point in your garden.

Proven Winners

We offer a wide range of Proven Winners™ annuals for our customers. Working with plant breeders around the world, Proven Winners™ brings the most cutting edge and innovative plants into your home and garden. Easy to care for, these plants are covered with bright and colorful blooms, selected for long blooming season, and tested for true-to-type colors and habits.

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens have been a popular plant in the landscape since their introduction in the 1970s. There is a wide range of flower and leaf colors, and it provides brilliant color in shaded to partly sunny areas. Landscapers love it for its ease in the landscape, but the plants still need adequate water. This impatiens is typically started through vegetative cuttings.


SunPatiens is much newer to the impatiens playing field. It is similar to New Guinea impatiens in looks, but does much better in full sun and can stay looking good up until a frost. There are three types of SunPatiens: Compact (knee-high and more grower friendly); Spreading (ideal for baskets or quick cover); and Vigorous (4–5 feet tall). We have found them to be great, versatile plants.

Divine Impatiens

Divine impatiens is grown from seed, so it may be more economical in some cases. This is still a relatively new flower, so there are somewhat limited color selections available. Divine impatiens can take partial sun to full shade, and has a mounded growth habit. We have found that this impatiens has a slightly smaller flower than the New Guinea impatiens.

Downy Mildew

With the spread of downy mildew to the ever popular bedding plant, Impatiens walleriana, many are looking for an alternative. There are three plants in the same family that can work well in your garden and we have all three available at Bogie Lake Greenhouses. These include: New Guinea Impatiens, Divine Impatiens, and SunPatiens. They all have similar flowers and foliage, but are highly resistant to downy mildew and will perform better.

Photographs from employee Sharon Dickson available at Bogie Lake Greenhouse.

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