Container Gardening

Our seasonal containers are one-of-a-kind and reflect the large variety of annuals that we carry. Patty Watkins and her knowledgeable team focus on the final design to create a beautiful and long lasting planter for your home’s specific lighting requirements, water needs, and size.

We are happy to help you create your own combinations!



Garden Designcombo 0333a LQ

When planning a container garden space, look for the Big Three of garden design:

Thrillers: Tall or spikey plumes of color
Fillers: Rolling mounds of colors & texture
Spiller: Trailing habits of various shapes

When selecting your plants, make sure to look for plants that are best suited for the sun exposure of your home. Be aware that not all plants require the same watering. Test the soil with your finger to see if there is enough moisture or if a drink is needed. Don't hesitate to ask us for our best recommendations!