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    Low Maintenance

    Succulents have recently become popular plants and they are relatively easy to care for, too. Their leaves store water so they do not need to be watered as frequently as other annuals. Use them to decorate wired moss wreaths, wired moss animals, and other decorative pots.

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    Fairy Gardens

    Whimsical Garden Designs

    We have a beautiful selection of Fairy Gardens handcrafted right here in the greenhouse. These gardens make great gifts, hobbies, and decorations. Come see our selection for ideas to inspire your own gardens, or purchase one that has already been created.

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    Give the Garden a Trim

    A topiary is a plant clipped or trimmed into a desired shape. Our topiary expert has shaped almost every variety of plant in the greenhouse in one form or another. Topiaries can make any garden stand out from the rest. Presented in a distinctive vessel, a topiary can be a stunning conversation piece in the home.

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  • Fairy Gardens
  • Topiaries

Photographs from employee Sharon Dickson available at Bogie Lake Greenhouse.

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